Posted by: Ajay | December 17, 2009

Intel unveils single Chip Cloud Computer

You might see many of the topics in my blogs are related to ‘Cloud Computing’. Yes as you think i’m very much exited about Cloud and its invention in the recent days. Its now time for Intel to unveil its first single Chip Cloud Computer.

Intel has demonstrated the new 48-core Intel processor which is named as the ‘single Chip Cloud Computer’. Intel also claims that these chips will have 10-20 times the processor engines are currently working today. Imagine the speed it with which it would work ! Remarkable !

Justin R. Rattner, Intel Chief Technology Officer says,

This is the second experimental design to which our Banglore lab has contributed. Our main focus on this design was increasing energy efficiency with minimum complexity. The processor could reduce power consumption almost one-third.

“It saves power consumption”. Remarkable isn’t it? When this technology rises up, then Cloud data centres which are having having thousands of computers which are connected using cable networks will be integrated in a silicon(the size of postal stamp), thus reducing the space of the computers.

This technology keeps as astonishing. Lets wait for the release of the ‘single Chip Cloud Computer’.



  1. Good one!

    • Thanks dude 🙂

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