Posted by: Ajay | December 11, 2009

Now its GP's turn

Abi was finally free with an end to his first semester in IITM. Karthika enjoying the study holidays for her MBA in Anna Univ. Raj aiming for MBA in US. Raji with her restless life at BEL. Peri with his busy schedule at Anna Univ being a Research Assistant, JavaScript Programmer,etc.. Nachi with his tight schedule with his Orcale,Java Classes clashing the party time proving greatful by arriving late to the event. Mal, Usha, Sandya and Me waiting for something good to happen in future (mere wasting of time) hence everyone made it to the event missing our US return JK (return or settled). This post is dedicated for you JK.

Before 6 months, it was JK who left for US for his future and enjoying* his life there and its now GP’s turn to leave India and pursue her studies abroad in US also usha turned 22 on December 5, 2009. To celebrate both these occasions we all(abi, nachi, peri, raj, gp, mal, usha, karthika, raji, sandya and me) had gathered for a treat from GP at ‘Blur Cafe’ in Satyam Cinemas on December 8, 2009.

The day started off with I getting up at 11am and we had arranged the treat for lunch at 1pm. I started from my place at 12 15pm and reached Blur at around 1 30pm and could see GP and Raj sitting alone expecting us. After few minutes karthika, mal, raji and usha arrived to the scene and made their presence there. Then arrived our IITian Abi with Sandya. Finally arrived Nachi and Peri. On the way Nachi has given a party to some of his friends whom he meets often :P.

Finished blowing off a cake which has been ordered for Usha and GP. At last had our lunch and vacated the place around 3 30pm. Next moved to Du Bowl at Egmore to spend some more time to end the day with a pleasant note. We reached the place and found that the place for full and we waited for nearly 30mins meanwhile we were chit chatting, teasing and having fun at the Cafe there. Then enjoyed having fun there till the end. At last we bid a Bon Voyage to GP. Hope she excells well in her MS and wishing her success life.

*Conditions Apply

Pics for rememberance:



  1. Thanks macha for dedicating this post to me….. A few months before now, i learnt that “One last time” is the most painful sentence in the world, but ur inner heart will be happy, thinking that u have so much people to stand by…..Its a kinda mixed feeling, very rare to get…….hope Gp would have got by now. I wish her success for her future endeavors…..Hope everyone would have now understood that life will not be as smooth as we had in UG, u guys will start learning about life through these kinda divergence….

    • Dai jk no hard feelings, if you din’t come here after doing MS vandhu adipom. You must give treat for finishing MS so be ready for it now itself. You should give in $ only 😛 😀

  2. Jk… U started reading philosophical writings??!!! I can see the US effect in ur writing. and ya Dont think the send off meet to be the one last time. we will all for sure meet again some day. 🙂
    And dont give up fun for the non smooth life u r talking about. It is all about how u balance both… So dont study too much da, suthi muthi konjam american figuresum sight adichukko 😉

    • Well said raj. He is transforming into a tech guy now. changing kernel coding, creating a search engine these are his small assignments 😀

  3. We have to work hard at some point in our life thts wats stands in my mind nowadays and sure the success is not far ….. !!!

    all de best to gp !!

    hope we all meet again !

  4. @ ajay : gud job ajay…n comments la jk kitta MS finish panrathuku treat keta paaru athu thaan highlight…nice

    @ raj : best advice..

    • @mal: thanks 😉

  5. @ajay: $ le treat na… 1$ treat pothama 😛

    @jk: i seriously dono wat i feel rite now… seriously mixed feelings.. jus cant express !

    @all: will miss ya all ! 😦 hope v get 2 meet soon.. all of us 2gether

    • @gp: 1$ is like 1 rupee for you. So give atleast $100 treat 😛

  6. Ajay! guess u had a good time… and pics are good…

  7. @water: yeah dude very much

  8. @sankar: no no i am not here always studies and all……..I enjoy and party here a lot…..But we have to stand on our toes for studies, which we never wanna do in our UG…Actually the “One last time”‘s full meaning is “one last time before leaving to US….”……….I didnt say one last time,i too hope to meet u all soon, but how many of u agree that we wont have the same fun we have now at that time???……its a bit difficult, guys will have touch always and can have fun till the end…………….

    @ajay: dai tech guy ellam illa da, namma gang la ore oru tech guy thaan, athu abhinav mattum thaan…………Treat thana sure uh tharen, treat for $100 na 5000 thaan da, sure uh tharen, when i meet u next time…………

    @nachi: yeah u r right, we have to work hard at somepoint of life, the worst case is at the end part of the life, everyone working hard now, since we dont want that to happen………….All the best for everyone…

  9. @jk: Gethu da. for me alone $100. Machan gethu kaatra po..

  10. hello ellarum nalla thanae irukeenga wy so serious replies n all ???

    namma vaelaiya arambipom
    @ j.k : who is preethi rao da??

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