Posted by: Ajay | December 2, 2009

Evening light

December 1, 2009 everyone celebrated the festival of evening lights named “Karthigai Deepam” here in Chennai. It will be awesome to see every house lighted with agal vilakku(made of clay). Everyone who celebrate Deepavali will be conscious of this festival which marks the Karthigai month’s Karthigai thirunaal. I finished lighting up my house along with my sister and just cruised along the road side to take a glimpse of the lights set up in the other house.

Our Pooja Room lighted :)

Our Pooja Room lighted πŸ™‚

Way that leads to our house :)

Way that leads to our house πŸ™‚

The light made by the small fire was simply vivid as it is the real beauty of nature. But the same fire can gut the building, mostly huts which are often gutted by them. We need to just take the beauty of the nature and leave behind the danger that causes to humans after all we live daily by destroying nature only, no one can deny it.



  1. Wow…. what a great explanation regarding the danger of fire… πŸ™‚ and and hope u had nice time watching the thing made of clay lighted πŸ™‚

    • thanks dude.
      yeah it was great. so where are you from?

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