Posted by: Ajay | November 29, 2009

Friend or Unfriend

Friend or Unfriend?

We all are familiar with the word Friend, but now New Oxford Dictionary has added a word ‘Unfriend’ which has opposite in meaning to friend to its dictionary. Eager to know what does unfriend mean? Yep, i was also when i was reading an article in today’s edition of Chennai Times in the Times of India(Sunday times) Newspaper.

New Oxford American Dictionary has added a new term ‘Unfriend’ to its dictionary which is mostly used by teens in the Social Networking environment as most of them have the option of  adding a friend and removing a friend(Unfriend). This is the first word that has been added to the New Oxford which has originated in the Social Networking stream. As far as now, the meaning for Unfriend is remove a friend from your list, which can also be referred as removing a person who was a friend.

‘Unfriend’ has been awarded the Oxford word of the year 2009. You can see many people asking in forums in Facebook asking ‘How do i unfriend someone(remove a friend)?’

Did you unfriend someone? 😉 😀



  1. Unfriend seems to be a great word.
    Even i have used it while chatting. err..LOL

    • Cool dude.

  2. Great word! worthy for a First word from the Web to be added to New Oxford.

    • Yeah Razzaq. Its the first word. Great isn’t it? A man who added that word to the website gains the fame. 😉

  3. Good one….

    This is just like how muggles was added.. just cos the word became famous….

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