Posted by: Ajay | October 20, 2009

Diwali & My celebrations with cousins

Most of us would have studied about why we are celebrating diwali every year. He he he! Ok don’t freak out! I won’t tell the story(i forgot it :D). Anyways we are celebrating diwali and setting another occasion wherein we celebrate it with sweets, crackers, new clothes, etc.

I celebrated this diwali with my cousins by watching “Aadhavan” movie at Abirami Mega Mall. lol. 😀 No comments about the movie since it had many graphics and stunts scenes which could be seen in spiderman and superman comics.

After that we came home and started playing our usual Cricket which we played together before 6 months. Happily played and got tired. We were very tired and the day ended without any crackers being busted.

Sunday arrived and we started our day at 12 pm. 😀 . Got up so late and then played for some time, then saw movie in television and then in the evening, our cousin’s son(small kids) came to our grandma house where we were put up for a couple of days. Enjoyed busting crackers with them from evening and ended it at night and had dinner and finally went to bed at 12 am.

Another Diwali which marked our meeting and enjoyment. 🙂



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