Posted by: Ajay | September 2, 2009

Memories never fade – Last B'day celebration and treat

We planned for a final rendezvous since every one(our gang) have to move up to the next stage for our ventures in life. JK, abi and me gave treat for our gang friends in the end of July. Almost two fortnights have passed after this treat, just now found time to write about it and upload the pictures here for our future reference which will depict our last meet.

We had a great time in Barbeque Nation, a multi cuisine restaurant in T Nagar where we have booked a table with buffet for all of us(abi, sandya, jk, usha, nachi, malathi, raji, karthika[BBC], kani, geetha, gp, rajesh and me). We celebrated the b’day celebration of kani, rajesh, mal and me. This was my first b’day celebrated with friends by cutting a cake. I can never forget those gracious moments, also this will never happen again. 😦 This was our last meet as a whole gang, this may or may not happen again in future, because most of us could not juggle with both job and get together. It was a jittery rendezvous for us since JK was leaving off to US in few days, abi making his entry into IIT, raji entering BEL with hopes of improvement in her career, etc. We have squandered along many times in the spencers but this treat was a the best and the most memorable outing for all of us. Finally when we got separated near ‘Kadhims’ showroom, we took a vow not to regret our relationship which we earned in this 4 years of BE life.

Miss you ppl and our get together !


P.S.: Pictures will be uploaded in the next post.



  1. daii wy it took this much time to post nu nee solla vae illaiya???? “just now found time ” ithu unmaiya????
    hmmm anyways it was a awesome n a memorable treat only no one can deny !!!!!
    Let us hope we all will meet again in future with nill absence 🙂
    Be Happy 🙂

  2. good!!!! that was a nice meet. we shd make it happen once again in future.

    machi i understand ” nee enmala evalovu kovamma irruka nu” by seein to the blog with my name missing.

    good dude (doggi)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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