Posted by: Ajay | August 20, 2009

Cloud still on top

Hi everyone, I have a reason to share another post with you and its another blissful moment which strikes the right cord in my life.

We(Nachi, Peri and me) were dazed to witness a mail from Sandra Davis, Technical Engineer, Sun Microsystems Inc. stating that she absolutely LOVED our paper on ‘Enhancing portable Environment using Cloud and Grid’ and has asked us to keep the good work on and write more about Technology. Sandra has also quoted that

I absolutely LOVE the article on cloud computing!  It is easy to understand and really sparked my interest to learn more about this technology!  I would like to see more articles written by you.

The words from Sandra Davis has impelled us and we are proud that we have done something which has been useful for someone who is gaining knowledge out of it. When we finished implementing our project we received flak reviews and i wrote it in my previous post ‘Efforts in Vain’ where i would have mentioned about how hard it was to get such a review from people who doesn’t know what Cloud Computing and Grid Computing deserves.

Some people hurled our project by just saying this has been already implemented by someone else. We thought our 4 months efforts were in vain, but now we are elated about the mail sent by Sandra. Thus Cloud and Grid kept our hopes alive!

Cloud and Grid Rocks!!




  1. Hello is this paper public available, I would love to read it.


  2. Hello is this paper public available, I would love to read it.


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