Posted by: Ajay | August 13, 2009

Cruising Globally :-O :)

My blog is going global !!! Can you believe that? I couldn’t … Here i share my blissful thoughts on going global and want to take some advise for continuing my blogging !!!

Today i posted a topic on Swine Flu and my thoughts and adivces about it. Usually my blog gets visitors only when i market them to my friends. But today i have received over 230 views(600 overall hits) for my post on Swine Flu globall from almost all countries. I was appalled to see my stats of the blog visitors and i’m pondering what made my blog to go global. I found out the solution later, it was dude to the tag Swine flu which is doing wonders all over the globe with its deadly nature. See the stats

Screen shot of my blog stats till 6:00 pm IST

Screen shot of my blog stats till Aug 13, 6:00 pm IST

Do you know? I did not market my blog to any one or to any site, but the site which has got so many visitors is which has has referred my blog for the people who search for “Swine Flu”.  I’m very elated and excited.

While i’m writing this post, the visitors number is flourishing very rapidly !! Thanks to for its referral. 🙂

I have plans of posting such current affairs here after in this blog. But i want some comments from you all. Tell me if, Can i post the current affairs in this same blog? or Can i create a seperate one exclusively for current affairs?




  1. wow dog super da……
    Macha better to make it separate.

  2. ha ha… osi la oru vilambarama 😛

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