Posted by: Ajay | August 13, 2009

Beware and Be aware – H1N1 Virus!!!

Swine flu(H1N1 Virus)!!! This might be the highest hit words in the google’s search engine this week. Last week i was not well, at that time swine flu got into existence. I was not aware of this term untill i heard in the news that it spreads from pigs to humans. I was in bed for nearly 3 days and couldn’t get up because i was wilting, got cold and could not move out of the room. I was musing what will happen if i get swine flu and what will happen if i die. If that would have happen, my life would have been averted into a different one within a week when swine flu has set in. Thank god i didn’t have any mishap that happened to a small girl in Pune who died of swine flu last week. I was appalled after hearing her death due to swine flu.

I was alright few days later and had an auspicious beginning from there after. I overheard a conversation between two people in bus while travelling from Perambur to Nungambakkam which happens to be my daily routine for Java class. They were talking about swine flu and how deadly it has spread across the country and all the schools are dazed whether to close the schools or whether to keep them open. So beware of swine flu and be aware of it, even you may also get infected with the deadly flu !!

An advice which i would like to give is that, don’t eat outside food stuff and when you go to any place where more people are gathered make sure that you have a protective measure of carrying a mask with you, which could prevent you from the deadly infection. If you don’t have a mask, better use a handkerchief for covering your nose and mouth since swine flu spreads more vigorously through air.

New blog has been fabricated and formulated for current affairs – Stay glued there for more updates. Come lets know!!!!



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