Posted by: Ajay | August 9, 2009

Starting again from scratch

Four years has passed away like a wind and has eroded away most of my happiness(my friends) to far off places. August has set in and i have to determine a new path for myself. Now i have to begin from scratch in search of new friends, not knowing if they will be true or not. Few months back i had no time replying to my friend’s messages, chats, outings and phone calls, but now i’m left with only handful of friends with my inbox in mobile  is deficient of messages and i never hear a sign of an sms tone. I don’t know if i can regain the same kind of friends who made my life an enjoyable one with all kinds of emotions, misunderstandings and much more.

Now my only exposure to new world is through NIIT. I was very reluctant to join in NIIT  since i had no known company with me to be addicted to NIIT for another 3-4 months. At last joined NIIT and right from the first day got 2 new friends, of which one guy was placed in WIPRO. My face was light up by him and there after i did not have any qualm to go to NIIT. 

starting from scratch again....

starting again from scratch....

My future will be fully targetted only on WIPRO and have no doubts in joining it and innovating something which i can afford. Master’s is the only motive for many of my friends. I din’t get the right time to do it right now, but I abide by my own wish of accomplishing a masters’ and will execute it one day and the day is not too far. I will soon zero in on an extensive course of my interest by converging my search to a particular goal or task that fulfills my target.

But after 3-4 months what will happen? :-O. Time will answer and i will bookmark it here in this blog which stands as the only proof for my life history. Looking forward for more valuable friends who can nurture my life with all ingredients which make a perfect life.

PS: From this topic i aspire for a professional blog post which contains perfect english with more new words which i never use in the previous posts. Correct me if there are any mistakes. Have a great day !!! 




  1. Four years have past ! thts true but now it has established the amity – huge as a banyan tree ! our roots AKAN will stand strong ….i found many gre words thts a positive sign towards ! ur goal …. u have said eroded away happiness …. just look down at de blog entry…gives us a good feel and smile ! priceless isn’t it

  2. @nachi: Yeah you are right da!!
    Yep i’m trying to cultivate my English skills da. Here after you can see such words which will be used in blog. 😉
    Yeah this blog is dedicated for our happiness which we encountered before few months/years..

  3. Great site…keep up the good work.

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