Posted by: Ajay | August 1, 2009

"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood" (Me and JK) :(

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry i could not travel both…”, this was a poem written by Robert Frost which i studied in school. I think it was 8th standard, but not sure. This poem comes to my mind when i think of the relationship jk and i share. With a day left for jk’s presence here at Chennai and flying off to New York for his Masters.

Jk was my bench mate for almost 6 semesters/3 years. From now there, there will be no Chitchats which we have during the class hours, no teasings, no outings, no get togethers, no assignments which we can both copy from others, no bit passings and finally no talks šŸ˜¦

Me and JK

Me and JK

Not going to write anything more than this….”Miss you very much da, without your presence, its like hell :((……………no words to say except a tear”…



  1. yeah macha miss you too da, enjoyed coll life with u only. MISS YOU A LOT…….we will meet someday soon da dont worry, but cant enjoy the same coll life again, thats how life goes……………….keep in touch da…………MISS YOU

  2. We will surely meet da…But can’t be life before…:( šŸ˜¦

  3. Yeah i know, life wont be the same as we enjoyed, hope we will enjoy more, when we meet next time………..

  4. […] 6 months, it was JK who left for US for his future and enjoying* his life there and its now GP’s turn to leave India and pursue her studies […]

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