Posted by: Ajay | July 16, 2009

Again Weekly treats – Thiru special

Weekly treats that’s the name we used to call for our(thiru,bala,diwa,paul,srini and me) treat which usually falls on friday/saturday in almost every week. Last friday(10 july,2009) had our weekly treat restarted with thiru eyeing a 92% in the final sem and started our treat at srinivasa sweets here in perambur. 

To tell about thirumagan, in short thiru, he is a cool guy put up in ECE dept. He sponsors for us most of the time when we are left with no balance :P.  Last friday he was targetted by everyone of us and teased him like hell. What ever we do, he doesn’t seem to bother about it. 😀 . After finishing our treat at the srinivasa, we used to shift to either juice shop or icecream shop near perambur church. This time we went to juice shop and we had a great time with the shop guy as we were there for almost 30min and another customer started scolding the service boy in the shop very harshly. The real reason for his slow work is because we were just teasing and playing there. 😀 that customer got tensed and scolded him instead of us. Even if he had scolded us we would have given a hick to him :P. Finally he asked which college we all belong to, thiru said velammal and we left that place. The next place sighted would always be Sangam pharmacy where there would be a weight machine and we used to check our weights sorry my weight is not par with other guys who weigh almost over 80, i’m the odd one out. :D. At the end around 10pm we assemble in bala’s house and finally will leave only after if any of us gets a call from home :D. Waiting for this week’s treat. 😉

First time took pics for our weekly treats.

Check them out here.


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