Posted by: Ajay | July 4, 2009

Explorations of Beauty and Decay

Saturday morning 4th july 2009, What a cool climate. Got up at almost 5 30am after high compulsion from the Alarm clock which i had set some few months back when my college life was on progress. I stood up very blankly and my mom asked to buy milk. oops so that’s why i have got up now! Slowly dragged myself into the hall to get the milk token and was set to get the milk. Came out to the balcony. Wow ! A cool climate with lazy clouds waiting for the wind to eradicate them to make the sun set its hot weather to hassle our daily work.
And usually i never get sleep once i get up at any time, what ever the time correspond to. It was almost 6am and i began to switch on my PC and sat down waiting for it to load. How can i leave my PC sleep when i’m awake? That’s the reason my system is 24/7 active. Still felt what will i do even if i switch my PC on? Thought about who all have birthday’s and made a mark to wish them on time. Still wondering what to do?
Being a VO(vetti officer) you can’t expect to do a search analysis or a detailed study of something. Just downloading and seeing movies, thats how my life goes on, and finally spending a time to write some content on some incidents by making other’s glued to this blog. Who knows may be after ppl get busy i hardly would have visitor here. . . . .


  1. u cant escape ! the best way to get into ur like.. and know wats happenin is here da ! so i will….. once in four weeks buddy…

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