Posted by: Ajay | June 27, 2009

GP's birthday with treat :)

It was 20th june 2009 which is the day wen GP(Ganpath priya, puppy :D) got into 21. We planned a surprise party for her and a treat at “Casa Piccola”, an italian restaurant on june 22.

We(jk,nachi,abi,sandya,usha,malathi,karthika,nancy,raji and me) met at spencers at around 11am on jun 22 2009. Was chit chatting there and then me n jk left to get some decorative items for the party and others went on to get gift for gp. At almost 1 40pm we finished our shopping and others bought a gift and we then decided to go to the restaurant where Gp and Sankar where waiting for us to start off the treat. Thanks to gp and sankar for making a memorable lunch at a great restaurant. Had a fabulous time there.
It took almost 2 hours for us to finish lunch. and we made our mark into Barista few minutes later where we had a plan of a surprise party for her. We made a treasure hunt for her to find the gift which we bought her. Nice game, we too enjoyed it. Hope she would have thrilled a lot about that. 😉 .
We arranged a cake box which contains a bun, a bulb and a chit which says “sorry budget problem, recession !!!” . She opened it and got bulb as we all expected. Then few minutes later we revealed the cake and then the party began. 🙂 .
After all things were over, some of us left home and others left for Snow Bowling at Nungambakkam.
A day which made our gang to reunite once again after days past the end of our college life, making another remarkable day out together!!
Snaps :



  1. hello photos r good only but where is the gp's photo with plum on her nose!!!! add that also dog it will look cool :)awesome gettogether !!!!!!!:)cheers!!!!!:)

  2. @raji:Ok dog..done..

  3. he he….ya here it looks like a birthday treat :)gp u look sooooo chweet with plum on ur nose n cute cute puppy smile dear :)god bless Be happy as always sweety 🙂

  4. hey ajay!! Gr8 day it was na!! had loads of fun!! 🙂 Happy 4 al wat we had enjoyed all these days !!

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