Posted by: Ajay | June 21, 2009

Download maniac – plugged in

How much limit of net usage do you use for viewing the internet? I’m using BSNL Home 500 plan which includes the following benefits:
  • free unlimited download from morning 2am to 8am.
  • Limited usage of 2.5GB usage apart from those free unlimited time.
  • Additional usage costs 0.8p for each MB which is encountered.
I have used more than 28GB this month til june 20:-O. almost 27GB used in the free time. In this itself i have used very less i.e I downloaded only for a week during the free times. I was shocked to see that i have used so much of download. oopss !!!!

Have a look at the screenshot of my usage portal 😀

Remember there are still 10 more days left with this month to end !!.. lol 😀
So what do i download? Nothing but movies. All english movies which are deserving to be watched at least once. Some of the notable movies which i watched are X-Men all series, Sword Fish, Matrix all series, Hitch, Minority Report, Twilight, God Father, etc.

Instead of being bored up with no nuts to crack, its good to watch movies with some good work, story involved in it. 🙂


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