Posted by: Ajay | June 9, 2009

Efforts in Vain

It was around 8 30pm on June 8th, the time which showed me whats the value that has been paid for our efforts on our project “Moving OS to the Web using Cloud Computing”. The last results of my B.E. arrived (8th semester) . I never bothered about my percentage and never wanted to think about that. But getting a mere 38+154 (me), 38+147 (peri) and 38+144(nachi) for a project which is worth is disgusting to see. Does this signifies any work on our proj? Never !! not at all !! If we had known this will happen, then defenetly we wouldn’t have done anything and would have put very less effort to it.

A four month effort and 16000 bucks in the ‘Moving OS to the web’ project went off just like a passing “Cloud”. A month long search of a topic for the project finally ended up with the topic of “Moving OS to the Web”, the hottest topic currently in the IT era. Not worth for 16000 ?? then why the hell it was seen so keen. We would have got some simple proj for just 8000 bucks and would have saved 8000. For all those efforts we had put in, not even a 40/40 in internal and not even above 155/160 in externals. Damn !!, then why did they gave so much hype about this project?. What we did for not worth at least 40 marks in internals and above 155 in externals.

We were disappointed right from day one. Each time we prepare the review with great zeal, finally at the end of the day of review, we were made to end up in a disasppointed note, as everything was again us. Whats the reason for it ? Now can they say that they had given marks unknowingly ? 4 years of BE ending with such a sourful knock. !!!

Neither of us got full marks in internals. For getting this we would have sat doing nothing. For being that good, is this the response which they show on us. Our efforts went un noticed in all reviews and the mystery continues…………………………………and it will be never solved in future, another set of ppl will be the victim ……


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