Posted by: Ajay | June 7, 2009

End of weekly treat ?

Weekly treat, thats how we(thiru,balaji,srini,diwa,paul n me) call the treat which we have on weekends in the order of our mark percentage :D. Who ever gets the maximum marks in our group starts the treat for a particular Semester and the list follows with descending order of our percentage. We will have a dinner sponsored by the particular person who’s turn arrives.
From left : Balaji, me , Thirumagan , Srinivas and Diwakar.
In the treat we discuss all kinds of things, ranging from A-Z, who ever is involved in it. Teasing, Scolding, making fun is what the treat is meant for. After treat is over, our conversation doesnt get stopped, we still discuss something and finally leave for home very later, after we are tired of laughing :D. 
This week’s treat on June 5 might be the last weekly treat since we have come to the end of college life, with Srini moving to Austin,Texas for his MS, Thiru aiming IIM :D, Paul eyeing BEL and fianlly diwa, balaji n me wasting time in the name of being busy !! Expecting a big treat from srini who will be in Austin by the end of August.

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