Posted by: Ajay | June 1, 2009

Why Web ? Why NettyZone ?

What made me to go into the field of Web technology? Now got interested in designing site, making a useful site, creating forums, creating networking site. Don’t know what made me to go by this side, may be instead of being bored up and staying glued to the TV’s , i can now do something useful for the sake of creating some websites.

PHP,AJAX,HTML,CSS,JavaScript and MySQL all these technologies make me active each day for doing something new with them. There are still a hell a lot of technologies which the Web today is dependent on. But i just focus on these technologies and decided to make a social networking site like Orkut. 
I know i cant develop a full fledged site like Orkut, but can gain something out of trying to develop a site like tat. I’m trying my best to make it happen and till now i have done a few things and have uploaded in a domain. And i have named my site as “NettyZone”. I was confused in giving a name to my site and finally it was thiru(thala) who gave me this catchy and unique name. Thanx machi ;). 
The site is still underconstruction but i have made available for you, where u can just test it. This is just a Beta version of my site. 
The features included till now are are: 
1. New User Registration 
2. Security from SQL Injection 
3. Redirection safetly using .htaccess 
4. User Profile 
5. Uploading Displacy Picture for user profile
Check out NettyZone Beta @ the following locations:


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