Posted by: Ajay | June 1, 2009


I hate Change !!

“Life needs a change, but change is not life “, should be kept in mind when ppl do change !!
“Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them. ” said Marcel Proust. But i don’t agree with him. People tend to change in due course of time, but their image also changes resulting in total change in their way of life, taking them into a different path.
Nowadays change is around every corner; in my day it was only around the expected ones. Making their life to turn by other side.
Also all changes are not growth, since all movements are not forward. There are both positives and both negatives in change. The change can is good only if you change in what all things that needs a change and not in all the things which makes the change to go other way around.

Ok cool. This is just a topic of my own thought and my own opinion. The intention if this post is not to hurt any one 😉 , this post is just to make myself active in blogging. Hope to see u in more topics to come ;).. 🙂

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