Posted by: Ajay | May 31, 2009

Busy life or Making it busy ?

Life got busy !! almost 3 months with only 1 blog post !! no time to update new events !! no photos uploaded !! Yes my life has brought me into the next level of life, An Engineer…

College life getting over and making me an Engineer, ready to contest against several others who passed out too.. If i want to see my past, i’m happy that i’m left with this blog which i used to update for the past one year… Great to see such things after a decade,, which will make us to remember those precious moments…
In brief, March,April and May 2009:
The last three months found all kinds of incidents.. Got new friends, made a hasty exit from some people, Filling slam books, tour with class mates, get-togethers all time, Giving party at the end for telling can’t see you any more, Happy days coming to an end, Betrayal playing a vital role at the end, Can’t see selfish people anymore who were crossing my path, No more footboard travels, no more chit chats about gossips, no more teasing, no more assignments, no more file submissions,etc…
A year long wait awaiting for joining in WIPRO. What can be done? What is the next step? Am i busy with some other work or making life busy by sleeping and eating ? .. These questions remain unanswered as days need to pass to get a solution for them, hoping for a bright future ahead…
Though these things make life complicated, i would defenetly enjoy my life for getting so long with all kinds of care,love,problems and support. Soon will make my mark in the next road of my passage..

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