Posted by: Ajay | April 30, 2009

Go Slam !!!

well well well,
hey ppl i’m back…
here i am to write on “How to write in a slam book..or lets say a diary?!!”

lets see,i’ve till date written in about say six or seven slams!!! and here i am sitting on my table with three other…
well ya,writing slams is fun but then it can get boring(for some ppl)
so i thought i could enlighten you all on how to write a perfect entry…
This is how you should begin:

Dear ,
well i frankly dont know how to start… (and then do start off)
and quote something that the person said or did in the course of time you knew them…(you can drag that to about..say two paras atleast!!)

then here comes the best part,write as much as you can to pull their leg,leave no stone unturned…(well thats atleat what my friends did!!)

then now comes the senti part..go all mush about how great a person he/she is and how that personhas always been a grt friend and so on and so forth…(hey V i know it dear,you definitely dont like it!!)

by now,you must’ve atleast done one and a half sides(or else you are really pathetic at writing!!!)…then just say “I could go on and on about your greatness but the book woudnt suffice”(duh!! actually everyone seems to be writing this)

This is the most important part:

if the above one is boring,just write, “ALL THE BEST”!!!

Hey, presto!!! you’ve successfully finished wriring in a slam book!!! Congrats

Happy SLAMMING ppl.
Cheers… 🙂

P.S. try and write as BIG as you can,this really helps…


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