Posted by: Ajay | February 26, 2009

Bungalow Ready

February 8,2009, sunday, the day wen our “bungalow boy”, thirumagan ( thiru ) had his house
warming ceremony for his new bungalow ready for his GF…..:D. We ppl (diwa,balaji,srini,paul and me) went to his bungalow and had was exciting and interesting…we reached ther after a confusion in the route and finally reached his fabulous “bungalow”..;). the most imp thing is tat ther is a ladies hostel at the back of the bungalow..unfortunately after knowing that thiru is gonna come over there,they vacated the hostel (all gals escaped)..:D :)…Finally we took photo with his parents…and the photo was taken by his future wife ( uncle’s daughter [ mama ponnu ] )… Actually we dint know who it was, as she was taking many snaps of thiru..we asked him who was tat..mean while,his dad called us seperately told tat she was his mama ponnu and he told to tease him afterwards…lol..(thanx for the info uncle)…:D :)…had a great time there…
Witness the Bungalow boy’s pose here 😉 

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