Posted by: Ajay | February 4, 2009

Character Updates :D

Dinesh (Elephant Dinesh, Dinesh the boss, sincere dinesh,etc.. ) – This sincere fellow is the Rep for our class. :D.. ivan rep na class epadi irukkum nu paathukonga :P…lol.. he wil be seated alone in the class , thinking of some one, something, dono wat it is.. šŸ˜› :D..etho avan vella undu avan undunu iruppan.. seriyana sincere,,itha thavira vera ethuvum kekathinga :D..

Abhinav ( Abi mama, 7th sem- ARS algorithm , 8th sem – AAA [Abi-Anjala-Algorithm] ) – Oops !! he is guuy who knows everythng…i mean technically..:D. To say abt him., very fond of foods, and after eating anything he wil have “coffee”..the word he utters almost at least 5 times a day,,he cant live without drinking coffee..the photo besides wil describe him :D.. Also he is very experienced person in all things i.e., both technically as well as whether it comes to relationships :D. Overall a guy who says machan chumma da šŸ˜› :))

Nachi ( Scientist nachi, photographer nachi,mugamudi thief, Poet ) – Hmmm.. Very talented fellow in tackling situations šŸ˜€ especially wit gals..very silent guy but does all mischeavous things a guy wil do. Has many fans especially gals. Messaging, the only medium through which he does these things :D., Another thing is that he has a hobby of writing poem, check them out here.. Overall a perfect guy for time pass

Karthik. J ( Corrector jk, Bit jk, US return jk ) – US return..tis wil be told by many ppl after seeing him,,as he is going to do higher studies in US. Gethu da… great guy who puts lots of bits, especially to gals and they all believe wat all crap he says…stupid gals šŸ˜€ lol.. Very talented guy in putting bits and making the situation to turn the other way around. :D.. Striving hard for his future gal..All de best da..hope a gal who is not married before wil come to u…lol šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜›

Periyakaruppan (Peri, Perfect Peri,Compiler king, Tension Peri, designer peri, SBI peri, FBI peri, ALL in ALL peri ) -I think these are very few names tat i have mentioned as there are almost nearly 50 names for him :D..cant able to recollect all at tis time. Perfect is the word which comes into my mind wen it comes to him..being perfect in everythng is the great + in him and ofcourse the great – is also the same.:P. All ways gets upset for silly things. Never speaks to gals ( online is an exception ). šŸ˜€ ;). Overall – “All in All”Peri

Karthik.S ( kaatu thee[forest fire], “mini” kaatu thee , thooru vaarura kaatu thee [lol] ) – Kaatu thee..the man of fire,,, always thinking of something or the other and keeps on telling about it the same.. Never takes to gals even in online.. except “mini” [to know abt mini enquire him here,,,his profile link is here ,Overall correctly named as Kaatu thee (Forest fire), as he always poganjifies šŸ˜€ šŸ˜›

Overall tis picture wil depict us…:D :D.. See where dinesh is??? he dono even to sight..instead taking picture



  1. good work da nalla asingapadutheta thambi !! u can be sincere in writing blog but ….. intha alavukukada >>>>

  2. @ nachi : yes :D.. i’m always truthful in writing blog, which is a sign for a good blogger šŸ˜€ šŸ˜›

  3. neengalam oru moonji… ungaluku elam oru character analysis veraya .. neengala padichuka oru blog vera … enda polapukku …

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