Posted by: Ajay | January 16, 2009

Tirutani & Bangalore

Time for another party…..The first trip/outing of 2009 for abi,jk,nachi,peri,dinesh,kartik.s n me, our trip to Tirutani and Banglore.
It was on jan 5 2009 ,Monday evening around 4 30 pm when we started to trt(tirutani) from chennai central by train. All reached in time and our journey started off wit a gift to peri who celebrated his birthday on jan 4.

We made a secret arrangement for cutting a cake but couldnt continue til the last moment due to abi who messed tis up to him.. Finally the time came and we enjoyed the party and made all fun over peri and finally in 2 hrs we reached jk’s house in trt by around 6 30 pm.

Day 1
6 Jan 2009

The day started at around 7 30am when we started off to go for “kalahasthiri” temple. On the way we went to some other small temples. the journey took us nearly 2 hrs by car from trt and we finished our worships there and from there went to “kanipakkam” to another temple, which is around 1 and half hrs of journey from kalahasthi. then finished worship there also..

then we realised tat we are near “Vellore” and planned to go there cos dinesh had some commitements. :D.. but since we were already tired after long hours of travel we returned back to home.. While returning back we caught karhik.s(sk) and teased him and time went off by teasing him. Finally we reached home by 7 pm.

After having dinner we felt of spending time in the road by having a small walk, then decided to go for a movie “King” as sk was very keen to see 11 heroines acted in it, as he felt it would be hotter, :P. but no theatre had the movie and finally we went to the movie, “Dindukkal Sarathi“, the worst comedy movie we ever saw. there were around 20 ppl in the theatre and we were teasing full 2 hrs and enjoyed the comments(not the movie :D).
Verdict from movie : “Select a girl who wil suit to our looks, else we hav to become mental oly 😀” { experienced by sk and decided to accept our teasing gal* 😀 😛 }

*-The gal may change from time to ther are almost 3 u cant guess who it is…except us. 😛 😛 😛

Day 2
7 Jan 2009

We all slept till 10am as we were tired teasing both sk and the movie.. Finished all our works and started to “tirutani murugan” temple and had some nice time over there ( saw something which we shuld never seee :O ). then started off to hav a photo session and spent more time in finding locations and for snaps. and got good locations and pics too,,
Witness those pics here

reached home after 5 and we decided to hav dinner after 8 and skipped lunch so tat we can leave to banglore by night 10 30pm. Played cricket for some was unforgettable…we hav some videos to upload..if i get the right time i wil do it was target on a specific person i;m thing wherther to damage his name or not..its ok..wil leave it.. 🙂 😀
Finally got a snap with all members and we left to arakkonam to board our train, Kauvery express.
At 11 15 pm the train came and we 7 ppl were seperated as 4 (sk,dinesh,abi n me) + 3 (nachi,peri,jk). Had some nice time in the train wit some good chat and some other sigtings. 😀 :P.

Day 3
8 Jan 2009

Banglore – Garden City
Feeling great, reached banglore by around 5am and we all felt the cool climate over there and from there we went to a flat – “Soupernika” in “Sarjapura Road” which was arranged by jk’s uncle. Went there and kept all the luggages and then we began to start for our journey for a trip to see the banglore city and it started off at around 7 30 am but we went late at around 8 30 am and we went in a small mini bus. We went to museum,bull temple and went to almost all places in banglore. The unforgettable place is “Lal Baagh Botanical Garden” and “Tipu sultan summer palace”.

We al cant forget it, the way the guide says it ” laaal baagh boootanical Garden” and “Ttiipuu Sultan Summmmer Palace”……:D .. cant stop laughing… was awesome…
After tat went to zoo and after al things reached our room by 7 pm. The day was awesome for everyone except jk, who was giving the feeling as if he lost something………………. (censored on request)……………………….:D 😀

Day 4
9 Jan 2009

Mysore – Silk City
Started to Mysore at 6 30 in the same travels,”janatha travels”. But this time it was a large bus and also the passengers too were unforgettable to every one 🙂 😀 lol..
In mysore went to a temple at first, then to tipu sultan’s palace which was destroyed by the british. then went to the main palace where 15 kings who ruled mysore were present.. it is the First best palace in the world, wat a palace. couldnt get the snap of the palace inner view as photos were not allowd inside it..if they allowed then i cant guess the no of photos we would hav taken,,,
OMG awesome palace,,superb took 15 years to build it.. :O…
Then went to bull temple in mysore and to other temple and finally went to “Brindhavan Garden”, the best known place in mysore..

we went there and had fun with the musical fountain and also wit some other commitments ( me n jk ) :D…after all the locations..returned back to banglore from mysore..missed every one is the us…lol..:D..especially a gal and his father n mother and also her sister too…lol..
Another interesting incident, one english woman was abt to get down, she asked peri “Does the bus stop here !!”.. Peri was blinking..he said “Pardon”. she asked again. before peri could answer, the lady left..peri was meanwhile the guide of the bus asked “Antha aangila lady enna sonnanga” ……EKSI..:D

Day 5
10 Jan 2009

Nothing great to tell abt tis day. Went for shopping to “Forum”, the most costliest mall in banglore where PVR cinemas is present. Peri thought of buying a purse. so we went and asked for a purse which was kept inside a glass box. U know how much the price of the purse was?? it was Rs.18350/- .

We were shocked. we were speechless..appadiye thottu kumbittu vanthutom :D… and also went to other mall named “Total” which was pretty ok. guys did some shopping and we came back to room..

Day 6
11 Jan 2009

We vacated our room at mrng 8 20 am and we went to jk’s sister’s house which is at a walkable distance as our jouney was supposed to end by tat night..
This day was dedicated for shopping in the steets of “Commercial road“,”airport road“,”MG road“. we had spent nearly 5 hrs in shopping in these streeets and we finished the shopping and had lunch outside and reached home.
Then reached home and had some good time wit jk’s sister’s daughter ( a small gal of around 3 yrs 😀 ) .
and in the eve, we were playing for some time. then at around 7 pm we thought of seeing the “WIPRO” main office which is very near from there..
We went ther and saw it was night we couldn see the infrastructure. but felt great for visiting the main office of wipro in this world….
Finally we started off to chennai by kauvery express at 11 30 pm…………………………………………………….

My Comment :
Overall a Trip filled with more enjoyment, little misunderstanding, more sighting ( sight seeing oly ) :P..
Hope to meet u again wit another fabulous trip like tis one..
we all are waiting for it.. 🙂

Written this very short as some ppl felt it would make pages which will be hectic for reading….so on request i hav shortened..also i hav left many incidents and other enjoyments..hope this one itself will prove the taste of our joy. 🙂 😀


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