Posted by: Ajay | January 13, 2009

Motivator Vishnu

Vishnu Priya, she is a best frnd of mine. A very cool gal whom i can never miss in a crowd.. talks very sweetly and really cares for her frnds. Her looks seems tat she is reserved, but friends trust me its not so,,after talking wit her u wil ask the question “Who said she is reserved”..,,talks a lot.,,but not a big mokka and al…etho paravalla,.

To tel abt our friendship,,,it started off wit a blank smile wen we both joined the same school and travelled in the same van, at tat time we were not very close,,we dint thought tat we would get much closer… but now she is my best friend.,, Life moved on and our frdship also got matured and its stil growing day by day. dono how we made it..god only knows how our frndship goes on and how we never get apart. :). . she is the best motivator for me,,,(always praises me saying i’m “Intelligent” and i wil say not to say it and she wil inturn say it 1000 times 😀 )… She takes life as it goes, possess all the qualities to be a best friend….
Very happy to hav a friend like her..


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