Posted by: Ajay | January 13, 2009

I’m upset Peri

Peri, another best frnd of mine. One of the interestin personalities the world has,. God has provided him everything he could provide to any livin soul
for example :
1)boldness – very high(exception-speaking to gals*..)
2)studies- high (ivanukku ellame theriyum,,,eg. Jsp,java,asp,dsp[D:]..ella “sp”..(Senior Peri#) .)
3)kindness – very very high(but damage panna ivan thanga mattan,,,samma gandayiduvan,,then he wont talk for some days,,,after tat he comes to normal state,,)
4)strength- very very high(pathu pera adikra allavuku … exception-don’t conclude tis after seeing his body structure…. see him after coll gets over,,..lets wait., he is giving some build up to become fat,)

To say about my relationship wit him,, Started off as 1st sem classmates n then benchmate n now its been more than best frndship for the past 3 yrs. No doubt tat he s very dominating but there lies an affection n care n the punctuality to finish everthing he does in time and also the confidence he posses ,,”Dog !! Think tat We wil surely do it!!”…chanceless these are the words he wil be using,,,also he likes only First Approach”..(Technical Peri) no speech of second thought,,,,he looks professional n simple in each n every outfit he wears…fun lovin n loves 2make frnds…he s very cool headed n never hesitates to appreciate n encourage others…I must say im really lucky to hv made my way into his frnds list…love u lots

*– Wenever he wants something from gals he asks me oly,,wen we call him to give company to talk wit gals,,he wil ran off like a “cat” which wil run after seein a dog… ha ha ha,,,sorry machan,,intha example than kedachuthu,,lol,,,.
#– Since he has studied in night


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