Posted by: Ajay | December 31, 2008


Dec 27th 2008, another enjoyable day in my life, as me and our area guys(Thirumagan (thiru), Balaji,Srinivas (Srini),Diwakar (Diwa) ,some college mates Karthik(ece) and Manikandan(mech) ) went to MGM Dizee world. :D.

We planned to go by bus as we had some technical prob in taking bike so far :D…so we decided to meet at bus stand by 8am. I started off from my house at around 7 50am and went to srini’s house to pick him up.. and we both started off at 8 am from his house to reach bus stand, meanwhile we made sure tat diwa also reach there at tat time..and he made it at time and finally we reached bus stand at around 8 10 am and we were waiting for others. karthik was abt to join us in brodway. And finally thiru,balaji n mani came at 8 40am. All because of thiru they came late..he is one lazy fellow :P.. then we moved to broadway and reached there by around 9 15am. Ther we got into the bus which leads to MGM and we were well seated and got the tickets too..and finally around 9 30am the bus started and we all began to hear songs, reading newspaper,teasing , sleeping and lots of stufffs.,,,then finally around 10 50am we reached MGM and got the tickets and went inside.

We started off with the first ride, which was very dull. dont know the name exactly… Next ride was “Spider Spin”,,it was great and our Balaji was frustrated after getting into…chanceless..we knew how he was shouting..”ayyo aala vidunga, nan veetuku poren, mgm ku varave matten, niruthunga,******,etc…:D
and our enjoyment started,,and he said his fav ride is “dashing car” and said he wil smash us in tat… then continued our rides..enjoyed almost everything..then reached “Dashing car” :D,,and we started…we all targetted balaji and finally made him not to move a…

Finally before lunch we went to “FRISBEE”,,,Oh no..we all cant forget it…cos we were first to go into it,,we asked the operating guy and he said “normala than irukkum” we were seated in it..and the ride started off like ship..but the shape was round. for 3 min we felt like ship..suddenly the inner part started rotating and everyone was surprised and all were shouting wit…chanceless… after the ride was over we were scolding the operating guy..”mavane itha than easy nu sonnana….****!!!”…..:D

Then we went to hav lunch and after tat we went to water pool..we took all accessories..but those bloody ******* said our dresses are not allowed and made us to buy 14 dresses(7 pairs) and also 3 lockers…:(( :X..we got frustrated as we paid Rs1700/= as a deposit…shit…wat the hell is it….finally we got into the pool…and there was a water slider and went to tat..oh my god…its not a water slide..its a water ride…..after tat most of us dint go in was like tat..
After some time we decided to play some game in we started off wit playing lock and key and we were playing till 5 pm and finally made the mark tat we hav to take photos 😀 and then leave..and started off the photo sessions and finally winded up our journey and again returned back to home…:)

PS 1 : * – Censored :D..i dont want to use bad words in my blog which is beautiful and also dont want to spoil my image 😀 :P..;)

PS 2 : Description abt my frnds 🙂
Thirumagan ( Thiru, Banglow Boy) – the smartest guy in our gang..he is one studious person.[ Overa scene poduvan 😀 😉 (oly wen ever he sees any gal) ]

Balaji ( Decent guy) – He is a very decent guy,,,tats how he calls himself 😀 but some times very decent too but not at treats..:D lol…also he has some good “quality” too.:)) 😛

Srinivas ( Srini, US Srini, GRE Srini ) – The most talented guy. Scored 1500 in GRE…tats a great treat for our gang as we can get many treats from him..:D .:) maths na athu srini..cos he does calculations like tat…

Diwakar ( Silent guy ) – very silent guy of our gang but comes out wit some rocking comments at times…:).. thala E&I singam..

Karthik ( Super Singer karthik [reason: his sister won super singer in vijay tv]) – one of the shortest guy in our college…:D..dono much abt him..but very silent in nature..and sings his sister..:)

Manikandan (mech mani) – dono anythng abt him until i met him on 27th..then became good friends after tat…very cool guy..dauntless guy,,tats wat i know abt him…


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