Posted by: Ajay | December 16, 2008


“I never knew the word friEND had an END…”

Hav u ever noticed??? the word ‘Friend’ has END in it(friEND)…like tis every friend has an end.(i mean every word ‘Friend’ has as end). 😀
I never thought of tis..i was hearing a song from the movie ‘kulir 100 degree’, there was a song on friendship( which is dedicated to those who lost their friend )..awesome lyrics.. hear it 😀 🙂

PS: i hav experienced it too… 😀 (to mention oly a few).. i mean an END to a friEND.. 😀 :O



  1. accepted 😉

  2. ^

    ok machan… 😉
    heard tat song ah?? 😛 😀

  3. this is too much da !! i am sorry i cant accept tis post! put it this way “limitation” “constrain” some thing like tht da

  4. @nachi:
    dai tension aavatha..
    ur my “best Frd” da… lol… there is no end,,,see… 😀 😛 :))

  5. i am talking abt some one else ! lol

  6. @nachi:
    I never think of past..lolzzz..i oly see my future.. 😀 no probs da..

  7. friEND :
    if u fry the END, it will disappear,
    so friend is endless,

    believe my friend.

  8. @nachi: macha avan yaara end nnu solrannu puriyutha???????????????(neenga nallavngala kettavangala)……..

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