Posted by: Ajay | December 11, 2008

My thought for my life :D :(

“A bunch of flowers doesnt loose their fragrance, when a single flower in the bunch dries off…….”


  1. hey nice work dude.. ur thought is absolutely true .. having worked with 100s of friend this was my experience..

  2. one drop or a full bottle of poison doesnt matter.. yur lif ll end 😀

    **btw de display is gud.. is tat u in tat pic???

  3. @din: thanx da
    @thiru: machan its not love (poison)..its just friendship da,, lol…i know u are very experienced in this…:D…but i;m saying abt friend…:)..

  4. rite vidu 😛

  5. Hey very nice disp!!:)

  6. blog pic super na…..ur photoshop work na? its damn good….hats off 🙂

  7. @kiran: yes da,,,thanx..:)

  8. dai it is impossible to get bck tht single flower da !! i am sure u can preserve it (frdship)….lol

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