Posted by: Ajay | December 1, 2008

Strictly Single JK

Karthik.J in short JK, is another dauntless guy who is one of my close friends.. On Nov 30th 2008 we(jk,nachi,dinesh,abi n me) went to spencers as we were bored of staying many days at home due to the impact of “NISHA”, the cyclone tat affected every one in the state, which made our exams to be postponeded to 20th Dec 2008,. Couldnt step out of our house due to the heavy damaged caused by NISHA in the streets…all streets were flooded and every one was packed in the house,,,k fine,,i started off some where i think…:D..ok let me come to the point… so we decided to go some where out and finally made a mark to go to spencers,,me and jk met at DMS around 4pm ,,and saw him,,he was wearing a T-shirt saying “Strictly Single”…lol… I dont think he wil be single always..cos he has many commitments…tat we oly know..;) :O… one gal waiting for him and he is waiting for tat Then we went to Spencers………



  1. hi dude..” STRICTLY SINGLE GANG ” always rocx..

  2. @dinesh u cant say this da ! lol

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