Posted by: Ajay | December 1, 2008

Spencer Full cos of "Nisha" ???

As i said earlier, NISHA made a great impact on every no one came outside their house..and hence on Sunday, we found tat every one was bugged up at home for the paast 4 or 5 days..cos we saw tat in spencers there was no space for parking vehicles..then see how many ppl would hav come ther…:D.. me and jk reached spencers at around 4 20 pm and we were discussing about some personal matters and we were roaming around,,then went to landmark and from there called the other three guys(nachi,abi n din)…after some time nachi came and we were jus discussing about something..:D,,was we discussed in unofficial…hehehe…
Then after some time both din and abi came and we were jus chatting,,,then went to cookieman and had a Cold coffee,,then from there went to eat Bhel puri and finished our hangout there and finally we were discussing about wat to keep as our gang name.. Abi n jk suggested “Singles gang”..but i dont think it wil suit our gang as some may not be single after some days,,heehe… decided to keep another name…but finally ended up in keeping as “Strictly Single” as jk’s T-shirt has tat wordings..also made it a compulsion tat we shuld add the name of Periyakaruppan in short peri, the possesive guy to our….then we left…jk n din went by share auto, abi went by bus..and me n nachi went to parking lot to take the bike..there we decided tat keeping “Striclt Single” wont be decided to keep some other name and we started off..and at the entrance the watch man dint ask dono why he dint ask…may be due to the over crowded lot..which led to the collection of more amount i think..:D…then nachi dropped me at Sterling road bus stop..then ma bus 29C, came and we both left for our home……..

Man behind the cam is “Dinesh – The Boss”,,:D



  1. Nisha – yar sir intha figure ??

  2. i would like to add a word “puthu” figure????????

  3. Hi people be aware that NISHA is not figure, It is CYCLONE name.

    என்ன கொடும sir இது !!!

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