Posted by: Ajay | November 22, 2008

Mark my words as "mama" says – 1

“Nov 22nd 2008, 3.45 PM, has been marked as one of the important day in my life.. lol..,, which me n my frnd nachi has predicted about the future,,ie. what happens few years MARKING TIS DAY ON MY HISTORY as one of the day that wil remind us wen we thought tat this might happen,tat might happen..but we hav oly a -ve thought abt the future,,hope it doesnt happen to any one,,,”
Nachi tis is for u,,as u said “Mark my words,,as mama says”
I know nobody would understand tis and we dont want to tel anyone about this,,,cos we just predicted wat we thougt,,dono wat wil happen…. God oly knows … :O …

In this topic header “1” denotes the number of precitions that we make in life and lets see how many is proved false..[telling tis as -ve cos we predict in -ve sense ;)]…

Once again saying,,,Tis day has been marked…………………… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ 😦



  1. oops………!! dai i never thought tht u would mention “mark my word-mama says” in de blog da dog !! one thing is tht i am sure others cant understand ..!! anyway this show tht u are writing ur blog sincerely da πŸ™‚

  2. yes da,,,blog is for tat oly..

  3. if no one understands,,it wil be good da,,,lol..;)

  4. hey…i wonder wat s tat “mark my word-mama says” i know u wont reveal it for sure so it s better to be mum…..btw y do u use “NISHA” so often don know wat s hidden!!!!!! hmm anyways ur blog s sooo cool da…….

  5. @mal: yes…i wont tel :D..NISHA oru name than…atha kuda solla kudatha..;)

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