Posted by: Ajay | November 18, 2008

'Difficult' – Was tis word difficult for the person who found it :P

Every human has a unique way of passing their leisure hours,, usually i wil keep sending messages to ma friends or chatting in messenger or orkut, but few days back felt tat i need to do something that shuld be useful, i thought there should be a meaning for the time that i have spent,,so i decided to keep ma hand in “Photoshop CS2 which was always bothering my system by eating up my RAM usage whenever i open just for the sake tat i have installed it..felt why cant i work with it and make of use my leisure time wit decided to learn photoshop but in vain,,i cant study the tutorial like a studying for exam :P…so decided to use the tools one by one and develop my knowledge..and some how succeeded in knowing something about what is photoshop and how it is useful…
One thing i felt while working wit photoshop..”what ever you feel easy and learn you wil learn it..if u feel its difficult,,then defenetly it wil be difficult.” so dont feel difficult at all..after all the person who found the word ‘difficult’ wouldnt have felt difficult in finding it 😀 :)..


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