Posted by: Ajay | November 9, 2008

She – A Poem

“She never knew me, not at all
she never once took the
place of you no matter how
hard I tried.
She never made
me feel alive, there was no
chemistry between her.
She never knew how I felt at all
but she knew that I was never in
love with her.”

wrote tis one after seeing her…..who is she ?????????
who knows…:D 😀



  1. nalla kadha solla arambichitinga 😛

    yaaru na antha gaandha kan alagi ??

  2. ava thaan committed la.. vidra.. vera paathuko

  3. @kiran: dono da…dono her name da,, koodiya seekirathula i wil find and tel..

  4. @thiru: dai tis is new gal da naye..

  5. rite.. jamaai.. neeyaavathu nalla iru 😉

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