Posted by: Ajay | October 7, 2008

MSR Research India techvista08

1st october 2008, being the first day of a new month, it began with ma meeting wit “Hopcroft” the turing award winner, Ooops..!!! wat an opportunity for me..

The event was well organised and arrangements were made well in advance. Me and ma Team(Prasanna,Nachi,Peri and Dinesh) went for the grand symposium ever. The entrance itself made us feel like entering a surprise thing.

The event was schedule to begin at 9 and in the same way it started at 9. Before tat we were given some refreshments ;)…. and the Session started with the intro by Mr Ananthan, MSR research india, and the first session was really awesome with some videos and new technology introduced. Then we entered the lunch session :))..then main event for us..!!! lol…

Then the post lunch session was very boring and we slept in most of the time except getting a snap wit HOPCROFT and RICHARDS

Richards – Weaving the World Photos — he rocxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

then we finally ended off by getting a snap near the screen…

techvista08 really rockeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddd…


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