Posted by: Ajay | October 6, 2008

Terrible semester

D’oooooh,,,Finally on 30th september 2008 ma 7th sem ended… tis sem was the terrible semester i had ever seen in ma coll life. Even my first semester was better than tis i guess..cos lots of assignments, OD’s 😉 , tests, presentation, seminar, activity, etc…. no chance of experiencing such a life in coll….getting busy daily and making life a complicated one.. but telling others “i’m final year student”,,,useless…not feeling like a final year student,,it sucxxx..:(..and at last SCOLDINGS for not writing the tests on time….

but also had some good time towards the end..having lots of fun by teasing others and etc etc etc…. :P..hope u understand wat it is..heh



  1. this sem is terrible 4 almost everyone…..sailing in the same boat na 🙂

  2. oh..happy to hear…lol…got company

  3. hm…!! do u hold de copyrights of these poems …. if so gud else remove it da bcos it is ur blog and coming to ur display pic too gud da !! and i understand de symbolic rep. of “broken friendship”

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