Posted by: Ajay | October 5, 2008

Ozmenta 08 – Our Symposium

September 9th 2008, cant forget tat day,,, it was our dept symposium “ozmenta08” conducted by us… An unforgettable experience in organizing an event name “CONCURSO”

:D.. named “quiz” Yep i was the co-ordinator for tis event..and faced many difficulties before the event takes,,!!! finally got a lab for 4 hrs..:D and we made it happen by finishing the prelims of quiz within the time, i would be very greatful for the students who accompanied me in organising this event and making it a success..thanx guys n gals..cheers.!! we made it.!!! i’m very thankful to both II nd year and III rd year students who helped me a lot….and last but not the least..thanx friends(IV yr ppl..:D) for supporting me…!!! Cant forget tis gorgeous ocassion tat we spent in conducting tat…



  1. Yeah concurso was really a great success but wer’s d treat coordinator???
    (Note all d guys n gals involved in concurso)

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