Posted by: Ajay | September 30, 2008

iCarus 08 – REC Symposium – AJ

It was 27th August 2008 and we decided to go to Rajalakshmi Enginerring College, so we got OD some two days back. :(.. enna panrathu,,ellam thala ezhuthu..hmmm.
We reached the coll campus by 9am and we gathered at a common place and started off.. our team included, nachi,peri,dinesh,ganesh n me. The college had a green campus surrounded by trees and space.wat an atmosphere to be in…also the canteen,.,,the best to some extent,,,..mean while my friend nachi met his friend (gal) who is studying there and he was talking for 15mins and we cleared the space off nto to disturb him….llol… ;)… then finally he came to participate in around 10am the events got started and we participated in quiz, debugging, gaming, and i got selected in gaming prelims.then we had lunch,,which was average and ganesh saw a gal of his taste and he started sighting her,,and to our surprise, she also started to see him,,, lol….k cool..nothing else happened…

then i went for gaming,,,but lost it,, etho ponathuku,,,oru event la prelim aavathu clear panname nu oru feeling la we started off to home….. tats al…ganesh came off..and the dono wat happened to his gal… :(..dont worry da,,we can get her in the next symposium tat we go….:) lol…


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