Posted by: Ajay | August 31, 2008

TRT incident – Itha padinga first…. :D – AJ

On 26th july 2008, after our placements stuff got over..we decided to go to ma friend’s(J.karthik shortly JK) house in a weekend to Tirutani where one of murugan’s temple is located :D.. And we were to start of shortly at 6.30am by shatabti express, our trip included peri,jk,abi,dinesh,deepan and ofcourse me. had a cup of coffee at the station by 6.15am and we started to run to get a place in the unreserved compartment. :D..and finally peri n abi got a seat in the path we were standing near the door and chatting about each other’s place… and it went on like tat..and on the way we spotted a small monkeys making mischievous things..and get a look at it..:P
Then we reached TRT by around 8am..and we proceeded to his room and we were seeeing his house..and finally reached the top floor…:P from where we can see the full view of TRT…

and see the picture,,,JK is telling the story about his house and also other matters..:P..its… then we started the day by going to a temple,,,,we went in jk’s car “omni”…had a great time wit tat car,,,,peri having our life in his hands by driving the car like a cycle..ha ha ha,…

after the worship from the temple…we started to see the nature’s beauty and took many pics…
some of them are here for u..
and on the way we started to explore the woods..:P..see here..and took some snaps.ther too..

and also the most important thing was about ma friend abi…who was doing something while we were enjoying..:P..i wont tel wat he was doing…ask me personally,,i ll tel u wat had happened..:D,,,
Finally the journey ended on 27th july morning 11am.. we were waiting for the train to leave to chennai……

and even in train JK was reading books…sabbbaaaaaaa
mudiala da ssaaamy..

Vanakkam chennai !! we are coming bac chennai !!!


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