Posted by: Ajay | July 8, 2008

Placements !!!!! – AJ

Finally i got placed on 16th june 2008, the most memorable day in ma life, getting a job in one of the best company in India, WIPRO. Luck favoured me on tat day and it did all the stuffs and i jus played my role as a usual student attending placement,,

Aptitude was bit easy (took place at around 11.15am and results announced at 1.30pm) and i got through,,then the next round was technical, and i attended it at around 6.45pm and came out at 7.30pm,,oh god!!!!! nearly 45min,,,no chance,,he has distilled me completely, and finally got through,,,thank u god!!!..Next was HR,, it took place at around 8pm and i got through wit ease,, And me n thiru were waiting for the results,, and finally at aournd 11.15pm they announced the results,,and we two got placed,,happy to be called as a “WIPROITE”…


  1. Its nice, bt u hv scared me by saying ur placement exp ya, anyways good congratulation!!!

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