Posted by: Ajay | July 7, 2008

Kodaikanal Trip !!!! – AJ

The greatest moment that happened til now in ma life is this trip,, wat an enjoyment we had!!!! Cant explain it in words,, lots of chatting, sittings(including gals):D, walks, runs, and also poses for cam,,;)….

Journey Plan : 15/05/08
We planned our journey on 15th may, soon after our exams got over by 12th,
Members involved : Thiru, Nachi, Bala, Satish, Manoj, Karthikeyan and Me.
Thr was a gr8 confusion before de start abt bookin tickets. Finally de problemz wer fixed n we decided to leave from Chennai on 18th. Nachi, Bala n Manoj went to book tickets in Parveen Travels. They booked 7 tickets as Mani said tat he’ll come from Madurai. Finally we started on 18th n as expected we found few chicks in de bus!

1st Day – 19th May : After 13 hrs of journey we reachd Srinivasapuram at abt 7:30 whr de guest house “Nakshatra Inn” actually is. We got down n went directly to our rooms n informed Mani n we took rest for sometime.We guys got ready n left out to hav b’fast n looked out for a restaurant. We landed up in Iyappa Mess n had our b’fast n slowly walked bak to our inn. De Climate was gr8 for roamin around. Mani said tat he’ll be thr at abt 2 n so we took rest til tat time. He came at abt 2 n thn we guys got ready again n went to de kodai lake n we had our lunch in a worst hotel i hav eva seen. Thn we went to Boating n wer roamin thr til 6 n started bak to our inn, had our dinner n came bak to rooms n had a nice sleep. We bukd a sumo car from de inn for nxt day’s trip also.

2nd Day – 20th May
:We got ready n de sumo was also ready n we started out for trekkin. It wasnt a kewl day but hot n sweatin. First we went to Croakers Park n thn to few waterfalls which wer really kewl. Lotta time was spent thr as it was a trekkin process but tat was really excitin. De driver also assisted us. Thn we went to de Dolphin Nose. Mann! wht a point tat was. Mind blowin n at de same time life takin. Only few guys had guts to touch de nose tip.

I wasnt amg thm😀 We had a foto session thr n thn moved to de nxt spot Echo point n Ram Rock.. Tat was a kool spot n was in trouble after landin on de Ram Rock.. I din kno how to get bak. An embarrassing situation.. Finally de guys helpd me to get bak. huuh! Thn we had som snacks n drinks n thn got bak to sumo n went to hav lunch at abt 4 n thn de driver left. We guys wer roamin thr n came bak home at abt 8 n bukd de same car for de nxt day. After havin de dinner we people jus slept off.

3rd Day – 21st May : De climate was pretty gud. light showers at times, moody n kewl. Asusual we got ready n got into de car n wentto guna caves, pillar rock, pine forest n foto point n few other places whr we had som fun stuff n came bak home at abt 5 after havin lunch.. Also we had to leave kodaikanal tat day n so we packd our things n in de same cab we went to a bus stand. Thn we got into de bus at abt 6 n we wer chattin de whole nite n de nxt day mornin we wer in Chennai, bak to hot humid sweatin Climate!

*Overall a kewl, hot n memorable trip :)

The main highlight of the trip was the following pose given by satish,,,guys tis is called site seeing,,lol…:)) gals dont freak,,,,


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