Posted by: Ajay | July 1, 2008

Second Ragging Experience !!!! :)) – AJ

My second ragging experience was a few days after our coll started. tis time a second year guy,,namely a senior..he he he,, he asked me whether i’m a junior. then he gave me two observation notes and told me to write for him in his obs. the next day i did it. and was waiting for him. but he dint turn up. like wise two days passed. i was wondering how he managed the lab clas. then one fine day i saw him and gave the note. he took me to a shop and asked me wat u want? i said nothing, then he bought some juice and gave me, i said its ok, he asked to have it. then i got it from him. Finally he said “thanx da, tomo come to same place i wil give another obs ..” ha ha ah,,i thought!! daily i can get juice kidding..then i asked him is tis ragging??

he said,,,chumma da,, on seeing u i dint feel like ragging…i was touched by his words..!!!
but on tat day my ragging experience got over. as the next day i left the coll…:(

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