Posted by: Ajay | July 1, 2008

My First Day of College life in Sri Ram Engineering College !!! – AJ

My day started at 5am when i began to get ready for the college which i hav joined through counselling, “Sriram Engg Coll”, the name seems to be silent but the coll isn’t. Most students go the coll oly by train as its the most convenient way every one could travel to reach the coll which is situated in Vepampattu, situated near Thiruvallur. I went to the railway station at 7am, there i met my friend named prakash, who was one of friends wen i was in velammal mat school doing my 11th. Then we talked for sometime about our life, then finally our train arrived. We both got into the train, soon after we were talking and having a look around for guys who hav joined our coll. then at around 7.50am we reached Vepampattu station. Our coll is few miles from there,then we started to walk towards the coll slowly. At around 8.15am we reached the coll, there we went to the class which was alloted to us,,!!! My first day of college like,,,,gr8,,,then saw many old faces.,they were ma school mates, then slowly mingled with some few guys..namely Harish(my closest buddy from school days),Avinesh, karthik, prem,pradeep,balachandar, and lots more…



  1. ah! n thrz a guy who learnt somthin from me :’) (*happy tears :D)

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