Posted by: Ajay | July 1, 2008

First Ragging Experience !!! ..Wow – AJ

My first ragging experience happend on my first day in college, after coll we guys were walking all the way back to the railway station. All guys started saying tat seniors wil rag us. We cant escape, we guys moved like an ant towards the railway station hoping for not getting ragged. Finally we reached the station, and the train came, we all got into one compartment. Our bad luck 15-20 seniors got into the same compartment, we thought we are gonna get caught,,also it happened, around 5-6 seniors called two of us. In the beginning he asked all our details of family,academics, etc. then he asked me to fold my full hand shirt ,as i always wear buttons. then i unbuttoned it and did as he told. then he asked me to tel the no of compartments in the train. i did it. then he asked the stations in order which we come across from perambur to vepampattu. i did tat too.

then they kalachified me for some time.then they asked me to buy some foods for them, i did it. then finally their station came and they left by saying “Dai naalaikum va da,,, nalla time pass-a irukku”, i felt “Sabba,,epadio nimmathiya vittanga da saami!!”.

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